Hello and welcome!

My name is Kimiko Whitted and I am the Creative Director and Owner of Sun & Seeds in Los Angeles, CA. I have been designing woman’s clothing for almost 20 years. Currently, I have become a dedicated gardener and have the vision of designing great fashion that is appropriate for the garden. I decided to create a line that everyone could benefit from with Sun & Seeds. You can wear our clothing with confidence and style in the garden.


We aspire to influence others to aid our cause by offering products that promote planting flowers for bees to pollinate. Bees are very important to our ecosystem; with their population dwindling, one third of our food supply will soon disappear.

Because of this, our growing line of fashion products include materials that emulate the bounty of Earth’s colors and patterns.

To shop the Sun and Seeds Collection: https://sun-seeds.myshopify.com

Garden Gear

I hope we can grow together! Find me at: sunandseedsla@gmail.com

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest: @sunandseeds



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