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First Collection at Style Fashion Week

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I am so excited to share my new collection dedicated to the Honeybee 🐝. The colors represent this beautiful bold creature and its contribution to the planet. From liquid gold, representing its divine edible honey, to the fuzzy black that can be seen on the body of such a little but necessary insect. Bees are critical to our planet since they pollinate a third of the food we eat.

To see the remaining designs click here.


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Style Fashion Week

Sun & Seeds Fashion Week

Sun & Seeds
End of Fashion Week LA on October 2015

It was around this time last year when I was excited about going to LA Fashion Week!  I have been sewing for years and there is not a better time  or place to show off some of my creations to the rest of the LA Fashion world than on a stage with a live audience. I had not planned on actually showing a collection this year in October, but for some reason the friends that were with me and the new vibrant people I met believed in me…they pushed me along into taking this route.  So here I am now….!

Oct. 15, 2015

Fashion Show to promote the comfort of Sun&Seeds gardening attire.

Previous Fashion Shows:

-2009 Fashion Show featuring designs by Kevin James, Kimiko Whitted, LaQuita Houston and K-Boogie


–The Cause Fashion Show, Los Angeles on June 5, 2010.

Hot Pink Babydoll Dress and Gold Fringe Necklace


Tablecloth A-Line Dress

Horizontal Striped Terry Halter with White Cotton Hem

Hawaiian Floral Halter Dress

Black Green and White Floral with Front Back and Thigh Drape 3

Black and White Lrg Print Chiffon Dress

Black and White Halter with Puff Sleeves




Garden Gear



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